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Experiential Learning and Career Development to Help You Work Smarter, Advance Your Career, and Make a Bigger Impact

Why work with RGH

RGH provides experiential learning and career development services for all types of professionals within the health system: doctors, clinic managers, project managers, government employees, university students, NGO workers, community health workers, and community leaders.

As a consultant, or an employee of a donor organization or an implementing agency, you should have the chance to continually develop your leadership skills and ability to influence progress towards global health goals. RGH services can help you develop these skills and reach your goals.

Experiential Learning

RGH has a portfolio of online, experiential learning programs for professionals who want to succeed in their careers and are prepared to invest in themselves. Visit our training center and try our free introductory program, “Improving Healthcare in Developing Countries”.

All programs are self-paced, experiential programs that make learning immediate and relevant for participants. They are accessed through the RGH Learning Portal which is mobile ready and provides options for personalized instruction, peer support, and peer learning. All programs focus on leveraging your individual experience to improve your performance. Each program also comes with the option to include a personal coach to help you immediately apply what you learn.

For more information about our experiential learning programs, visit our training center.

Career Development

RGH provides career development services through virtual counseling for individuals and groups to help you (or your team) develop your skills and reach your personal and professional goals. Our counselors are experienced professionals that will help you identify and apply your strengths. They will use their practical knowledge of the global health field to help you quickly resolve problems and overcome obstacles found in your work. Our career development services will allow you to focus on what you already know how to do well, take the rights steps to advance your career, and ultimately make a greater impact.

If you are struggling to get started in your global health career, or to move to the next stage, our counselors will guide you towards a solution that you can put into practice right away.  You’ll benefit from our fresh perspective on how to best achieve personal development goals while doing your part to develop self-reliant and sustainable health systems that deliver quality healthcare. Allow us to help you. We know where you want to go because we have been there. We know how to strategically support your efforts to get there faster.

RGH Career Development Services are personalized for each individual, and can provide:

  • Personalized, virtual counseling for healthcare professionals and staff of donor organizations and implementing agencies to meet project objectives.
  • Career development counseling tailored to meet professional and performance goals.
  • Guidance to address specific challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Assistance with making career transitions such as being promoted, joining a new project, moving into the field of global health mid-career, or entering the field of global health as a first professional step.

For more information about how our career development services can help you, download our Career Development Primer, or our Career Development Brochure, and then schedule a no-obligation consultation using the button below.


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  • "You know there are points where you reach and you feel, you cannot go on. This program has helped me to push on and keep moving."
    Monicah AgabaHealth For All NOW Program Participant
  • "The program was so nicely designed which talks to us, where I can feel the change and get unique motivation to do it."
    Sudipta Ranjan RamHealth For All NOW Program Participant

Career Webinar

  • "I didn't realize how much I needed Dr. Elvira's help on so many levels until the first time we spoke. She is very intuitive, listened closely to my work experience and career story and has helped transform my thinking and attitude to one of great positivity. She understands what it is like to career transition and the difficulties involved".
    Marlene LaPorteCareer Development Program Participant
  • "Students who are currently in training, need this kind of exposure".

    Regina MolokommeIRCO Africa House