Donors and Foundations

Donors and Foundations

Achieve Maximum Return on Your Investment and Realize Lasting Change

Why work with RGH

RGH is a global health consulting company that partners with various donor agencies, bi-lateral organizations and foundations to provide consulting and training services to empower the countries you work with develop self-reliant and sustainable health systems. We will work with your staff to provide assistance with strategic planning and program development with a focus on strengthening health systems and assuring maximum impact and a measurable return on your investment. We also have staff development training and systems that can be integrated into your current or upcoming programs to guarantee their impact to  the local health system and to ensure sustainability with an effective handover of the program.

Your Mission is Our Mission

Are you looking for a partner that demonstrates results as they work to advance your mission? Take advantage of a partner that understands where you are going and strategically supports your efforts to get there faster. We can ensure that you achieve results that are sustainable, and maximize your return on investment by empowering you and your partners to meet your goals and fulfill you mission.

We understand you want to maximize your resources and see rapid and lasting results in global health. RGH’s unique perspective on aid effectiveness and sustainability will allow you to implement a global health strategy that delivers results every day.



The RGH 100 allows you to transform 100 health facilities in 100 days and start a movement that will change health care delivery in the countries where you work. Even starting with one health center can make a difference.

Working with your partners to invest in the transformation of existing health centers, clinics, and hospitals, you can help ensure the efficient and consistent delivery of quality services to everyone by filling in the gaps that are often overlooked. You also get the following added benefits:

  1. You build a platform for all international health programs that fight diseases from HIV/AIDS to Ebola.
  2. You create the optimal working conditions for health workers that make them want to stay at their job, and work at their best.
  3. You create a center in the community where healthcare providers, community health worker (CHWs), and volunteers can reach out to those that are not being served.

You can inexpensively create an environment that sustainably supports and strengthens the local health system which will facilitate future investments and health care improvement projects. For more information about the RGH100, schedule a consultation.



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Realizing Global Health

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Realizing Global Health


  • “[The program] was fantastic! I am more confident now interacting with public health professionals because now I know I have a valuable contribution towards improving the health of vulnerable groups.”
    Pam MutuaKenya
  • "Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future."
    USAID Nigeria
    USAID Nigeria

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