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What We Believe

At RGH we believe that safe, quality health care delivery can be realized now, worldwide. And only when every country can establish and maintain an effective, self-reliant health system, we will see real progress in eliminating unnecessary deaths, and fulfill the right of every human being to access the highest attainable standard of health.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with effective technical and professional assistance in global health that contributes to realize the right to health for every human being.

Our Vision is to help our clients develop self-reliant sustainable health systems so everyone everywhere can access quality health care.

Our Focus is on helping our clients develop sustainable and effective solutions that ensure the delivery of quality health care through an efficient network of community-based health centers and hospitals particularly in low and middle-income countries. Our focus is on cooperation, collaboration and communication between every stakeholder of a country’s health system – from government officials, to donors, academia, non-governmental organizations, to public and private doctors and other healthcare workers providing the services. Together we save lives. Together.

Our Philosophy is to do things differently in global health so our clients can make a difference and achieve sustainable results for everyone, everywhere, every day. Our philosophy is provide rapid effective systemic solutions that implement improvements in a country’s health system in 100 days or less, and meet the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness: owners, harmonization, alignment, management by results and accountability.

2009 CCIH and MO 001

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop at the Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) Annual Conference

Our Core Beliefs:

  • Everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of health (ICESCR – General Comment 14).
  • We already have the medical knowledge and technology to save millions of lives, what we lack is an effective system to deliver care.
  • Empowering health professionals to deliver the highest attainable standard of healthcare wherever they work within the system, is the best way to realize a sustainable health system that delivers quality health care independent of donor assistance.

In order to succeed in attaining our vision, RGH has developed breakthrough solutions for the health care system, training programs, and effective global health projects.

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Realizing Global Health

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Realizing Global Health

The History of RGH

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It started with the power of one…

Realizing Global Health (RGH) began when Dr. Beracochea established MIDEGO in 2005. The name MIDEGO represented the first two letters of the words Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and was a symbol of her  belief that the MDGs were achievable.

She founded our company based on the belief that global health organizations and donors needed to partner with developing nations to achieve the MDGs using innovative and more effective, rapid and sustainable global health assistance solutions that she had created.

She also believed that one person can and must make a difference and to demonstrate that she wrote the book “Health for All NOW” (HFAN) (RGH2007-2012- 2015). HFAN is a story based on a composite of many successful leaders that she trained and coached throughout her career who learned to defy the odds and made quality healthcare for all possible in their respective areas of influence. Since 2007, HFAN and its new editions, have  inspired thousands of health professionals worldwide to apply the HFAN principles and program and achieve lasting results making the best of existing and additional resources.

Our company grew with a worldwide plan…

The plan was to change how the business of global health assistance worked to improve how healthcare is delivered faster, more efficiently and effectively at countrywide scale.

And here we are today…

Now 10 years later, Realizing Global Health (RGH) continues evolving and growing to meet the global health challenges of the Post-2015 agenda. We strive to go beyond the new health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and help realize a new more effective global health assistance architecture and progressively achieve sustainable results.

In the spirit of the unfinished MDG agenda and as a response to our continuing belief in the right to health of every human being and that our world already has the tools and knowledge to stop millions of preventable deaths, we work to empower our clients to use effective tools and the latest medical knowledge and best practices to develop self-reliant and sustainable health systems that provide quality health care to everyone, everywhere, every day.

The RGH Logo Explained

The RGH Logo

A health system comprises three levels that need to be strong and interdependent: primary care facilities provide the foundation; secondary care and educational institutions comprise the second level; government sets policy at the top. Professionals at all levels must be ready to collaborate, coordinate, and effectively share knowledge. This approach transforms a health system into a sustainable health system. But there are often gaps in every system that affect the country’s health programs and prevent them from running smoothly and improving the healthcare delivery process. RGH has solutions, including the RGH100, to help partners fill-in these gaps to make the system work better together, and become more efficient and sustainable.

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