Why RGH Programs

Why Choose RGH Programs?

There are many reasons

We Help You Achieve Immediate Results

All RGH Programs provide the tools and support needed to make a bigger impact


We provide tools and strategies to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare delivery process.

Actionable Workplan

We help you to create an actionable work plan that you can implement immediately.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

RGH guarantees the satisfaction of program participants. If not satisfied after the first week, RGH will return your fee.

Personalized Resources

We provide continued coaching to make sure you are able to navigate any unexpected challenges and achieve your goals.

We Are Committed to help meet the post 2015 Global Health needs


Training Will be Essential to Achieve SDGs

Providing high-value, low-cost training that’s effective, is one more way we can help everyone realize global health. With the push to move beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and towards the SDGs and stronger healthsystems, we recognize that we will not only need well trained staff to implement the clinical work and ensure high quality care for everyone, but we need everyone that supports the entire health system to be effective – from local clinics, to hospitals, to teaching universities, to the policy makers in the government. We all have a role in realizing global health.



We focus on Implementation of improvement Interventions, not just Technical Training

Understanding the Process, and How the System Works, is Essential

We help you deliver services, not just implement a program. We provide knowledge you can use to help serve the communities in which you work. Our Programs are ideal for: Individuals – that want to improve their skills so that they can be more effective and perhaps advance their career. Civil Society Organizations – that want to manage staff turnover or train staff to be more efficient and better meet project objectives. Donors – that want to train their own development staff, or wish to integrate training programs into current and future projects. Country Governments – that want to improve efficiency and consistency within their health system.

We Can Provide A Measurable Return On Investment


We Not Only Measure ROI In Cost Savings, But In Measurable Results

You will be able to measure the return on your investment in terms of the results of your programs and the improved quality and effectiveness. We guarantee all our programs. Our programs are a cost effective alternative to in-person trainings because we ensure that you will apply what is learned.



We are Flexible


Our Programs Are Customizable to Meet All Parts Of Your Organization

RGH’s mission is to strengthen health systems so that everyone, everywhere, everyday has equal access to high quality heath care services. We believe that effective and efficient health care professionals and support staff are essential for any health policy or project to be effective. Therefore our training programs are designed to help you and your organizations achieve measurable results by working with you to implement the content addressed in the coursework directly into your current work.

These programs were designed to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. Seven days is an easy commitment to make, even for the busiest health professional. Since the material is available to you online you get to do it at the time of day that works best for you. You will also benefit from working with a personal coach who will give you customized suggestions on how to quickly implement what you are learning.

We Have Senior Coaches Who Are Experts in their Field

All coaches are experts in the field of global health and have many resources at their disposal from years of experience. All coaches are certified through our RGH Coach Certification Program.

  • "The conference was outstanding. The way you took away the writing barriers in a kind way . . .have been invaluable."
    Dr. Patricia Blair, M.D.Executive Director, A Call To Serve (ACTS)
  • "I found the comments on staff motivation very useful and believe it is something I can really work on here at the project. The concept of thinking big and reaching 1% is great"
    Aaron TaitUSA
  • "Now I am well focused, know how to do the things, how to motivate people and lead from ahead.  The confidence level has been increased which I can apply it to motivate my team to work for the common goal with focused vision".
    Sudipta Ranjan RamIndia
  • "QEC, sums it all. Learning to do the right thing for the right reason consistently changes one’s behavior, in other words it makes one a good worker in every field. I believe I now understand how to write objectives for a project so that it makes sense to a would-be-sponsor."
    Watson SankohUSA
  • "I am able to focus more on the positive and stay inspired in spite of working in a field that can cause one to be easily disillusioned and uninspired".
    Ugo EduNigeria
  • "I didn't realize how much I needed Dr. Elvira's help on so many levels until the first time we spoke. She is very intuitive, listened closely to my work experience and career story and has helped transform my thinking and attitude to one of great positivity. She understands what it is like to career transition and the difficulties involved".
    Marlene LaPorteCareer Development Program Participant
  • It has been a pleasure working with your team and we look forward to your continued support in the region”.
    Charles MandivenyiPerformance Management, Evaluation and Learning Specialist, USAID/Southern Africa
  • "I liked the form of its presentation: an illustrative example rather than dry instructions. I did enjoy doing my assignments because in the process I got some ideas, which I shared with my coach who was very friendly and encouraging for me."
    Eteri SuldazeGeorgia
  • "I have attended number of trainings but have not been motivated so powerfully.  I am surprised about myself to see me. I can visualize my future projects and see the result, which is lying ahead of me."
    Sudipta Ranjan RamIndia
  • “This program has got me excited about public health again”
    Rowan WagnerUSA