RGH Services

RGH Provides The Following Services
To Donors, Foundations, Implementing Agencies,
and Individuals:



1. Consulting

Health Systems Strengthening

  • Health System Assessment to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and impact
  • Health System Development Strategy Planning to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030 (SDG3)
  • Develop Donor Coordination Strategy to maximize investments.
  • RGH100: six modules that strengthen the six elements of a health system (governance, hospitals, academia, public health services, private health services and services by civil society organizations)

Communications and Documentation (See our brochure)

  • Write and edit documents
  • Needs assessment
  • Communications audits
  • Strategic communications plans
  • Guidelines and procedures
  • Quality control checklists
  • Document templates
  • Data visualization

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Design and implement performance and impact evaluations
  • Design and implementation of health facility evaluations
  • Quality of healthcare assessments
  • Accountability assessment
  • Aid effectiveness assessment and compliance with the Paris Declaration

2. Experiential Learning


  • Develop and implement live training and workshops in global health to meet client’s performance improvement objectives
  • Conference organization services
  • Training of healthcare provider in various technical areas to improve their performance, e.g. maternal health, family planning, nutrition, pharmacy management, clinic management, etc.


  • Develop and implement online experiential learning to help client’s staff meet performance objectives
  • Training to improve Aid Effectiveness
  • Training to improve and sustain the performance of various service delivery and public health programs

3. Career Development

  • Resume writing
  • Interview and job searching techniques
  • Training and Coaching of Project Managers
  • Training and Coaching of Global Health Consultants
  • Coaching to improve the performance of global health professionals
  • Coaching of healthcare providers
  • Coaching of public health program managers

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Realizing Global Health

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Realizing Global Health


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Why work with RGH?


  • "MIDEGO [Realizing Global Health] had a well-qualified evaluation team with the expertise to conduct this evaluation. The inception report provided by the evaluation was a good reflection of the proposal MIDEGO [Realizing Global Health] had provided."
    USAID/Southern Africa
    USAID/Southern Africa
  • “The program is well balanced; it is voluminous and compact, informative and flexible".
    Dr. Nata MetreveliHFAN Program Participant
  • "RGH was very responsive, knowledgeable and flexible to meet the training needs of the participants"
    Holly McCandlessProgram Officer
  • "Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future."
    USAID Nigeria
    USAID Nigeria
  • It has been a pleasure working with your team and we look forward to your continued support in the region”.
    Charles MandivenyiPerformance Management, Evaluation and Learning Specialist, USAID/Southern Africa
  • "Realizing Global Health performed in an outstanding manner for this consultancy".