RGH Services

RGH Provides The Following Services
To Donors, Foundations, Implementing Agencies,
and Individuals:



1. Consulting

Health Systems Strengthening

  • Health System Assessment to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and impact
  • Health System Development Strategy Planning to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030 (SDG3)
  • Develop Donor Coordination Strategy to maximize investments.
  • RGH100: six modules that strengthen the six elements of a health system (governance, hospitals, academia, public health services, private health services and services by civil society organizations)

Communications and Documentation (See our brochure)

  • Write and edit documents
  • Needs assessment
  • Communications audits
  • Strategic communications plans
  • Guidelines and procedures
  • Quality control checklists
  • Document templates
  • Data visualization

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Design and implement performance and impact evaluations
  • Design and implementation of health facility evaluations
  • Quality of healthcare assessments
  • Accountability assessment
  • Aid effectiveness assessment and compliance with the Paris Declaration

2. Experiential Learning


  • Develop and implement live training and workshops in global health to meet client’s performance improvement objectives
  • Conference organization services
  • Training of healthcare provider in various technical areas to improve their performance, e.g. maternal health, family planning, nutrition, pharmacy management, clinic management, etc.


  • Develop and implement online experiential learning to help client’s staff meet performance objectives
  • Training to improve Aid Effectiveness
  • Training to improve and sustain the performance of various service delivery and public health programs

3. Career Development

  • Resume writing
  • Interview and job searching techniques
  • Training and Coaching of Project Managers
  • Training and Coaching of Global Health Consultants
  • Coaching to improve the performance of global health professionals
  • Coaching of healthcare providers
  • Coaching of public health program managers

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Realizing Global Health

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Realizing Global Health


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Why work with RGH?


  • "The draft evaluation report produced by the contractor was well received by the Swaziland team and provided some really useful lessons learned from the implementation of the project as well as some useful design recommendations."
    USAID/Southern Africa
    USAID/Southern Africa
  • "Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future."
    USAID Nigeria
    USAID Nigeria
  • "MIDEGO [Realizing Global Health] had a well-qualified evaluation team with the expertise to conduct this evaluation. The inception report provided by the evaluation was a good reflection of the proposal MIDEGO [Realizing Global Health] had provided."
    USAID/Southern Africa
    USAID/Southern Africa
  • “The program is well balanced; it is voluminous and compact, informative and flexible".
    Dr. Nata MetreveliHFAN Program Participant
  • “[The program] was fantastic! I am more confident now interacting with public health professionals because now I know I have a valuable contribution towards improving the health of vulnerable groups.”
    Pam MutuaKenya
  • "RGH was very responsive, knowledgeable and flexible to meet the training needs of the participants"
    Holly McCandlessProgram Officer