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Realizing Global Health delivers services that help countries develop a sustainable and self-reliable health system. Such a health system is the vehicle to deliver the quality healthcare people need and achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goal #3.


Countries need three things to develop their health system:

  1. Better programs – that allow health professionals to manage the health system.
  2. Better services – that meet the needs of most, if not all, of the population everywhere, everyday.
  3. Better teams – that can deliver these services according to the latest scientific information and quality standards.


Better Programs

RGH provides the following consulting services:

  • Program design and re-design
  • Program management
  • Program evaluation
  • Program monitoring
  • Improving the use of health information and surveillance systems for improved program performance
  • Disease and health surveillance systems
  • Design projects to improve prevention and control programs
  • Effective communication and documentation system: using storytelling, public speaking and writing in global health
  • Strategic assessment and planning to improve aid effectiveness and sustainability
  • Global health project M&E

Better Services

RGH provides the following consulting services:

  • RGH100 program that re-engineers how health centers and clinics perform
  • Assessment of delivery procedures and design of more efficient and effective procedures in health facilities
  • Design of quality improvement projects using “RGH Six Sigma” quality improvement to reduce quality errors to fewer than 3.4 incidents per 1 million opportunities
  • Design of projects to expand coverage
  • Community-based primary healthcare systems
  • Health center management systems
  • Hospital management systems
  • Design of referral and counter-referral systems from community-based services to primary health care to hospital
  • Strengthening local service delivery institutions
  • Strengthening local organizations

Better Teams

RGH provides the following experiential training programs and career development services and designs specific programs to meet clients’ needs:

  • Health system management
  • Managing private sector facilities
  • Managing government-run facilities
  • Management of Faith-based facilities and facilities managed by civil society organizations
  • Team organization and management
  • Effective job descriptions and job routines and aides
  • Standard team operating procedures
  • Recruitment, supervision and workforce development and retention
  • Online experiential training on various topics
  • Career development program for healthcare providers, public health program managers and global health professionals and consultants
  • Training of Trainers
  • Mentoring and coaching healthcare professionals
  • Global health consulting


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  • "MIDEGO [Realizing Global Health] had a well-qualified evaluation team with the expertise to conduct this evaluation. The inception report provided by the evaluation was a good reflection of the proposal MIDEGO [Realizing Global Health] had provided."
    USAID/Southern Africa
    USAID/Southern Africa
  • "RGH was very responsive, knowledgeable and flexible to meet the training needs of the participants"
    Holly McCandlessProgram Officer
  • "Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future."
    USAID Nigeria
    USAID Nigeria
  • "The draft evaluation report produced by the contractor was well received by the Swaziland team and provided some really useful lessons learned from the implementation of the project as well as some useful design recommendations."
    USAID/Southern Africa
    USAID/Southern Africa
  • “The program is well balanced; it is voluminous and compact, informative and flexible".
    Dr. Nata MetreveliHFAN Program Participant
  • "Realizing Global Health performed in an outstanding manner for this consultancy".