Scholarships at Realizing Global Health

RGH is committed to the development of effective health care professionals.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are essential to maintain an effective, self-reliant health system that delivers quality healthcare to all in the communities they serve. Our global health programs help health professional realize global health in their country. They learn the importance of Quality, Efficiency, and Consistency (QEC) and how to use the knowledge and skills they already have along with the new knowledge and skills they learn to make their programs and clinics work better. In this way, health professionals become empowered and experience success on their own terms; and donors’ and governments’’ investments in the health system and improvements are scaled up and sustained.

Unfortunately, not all health professionals can afford our programs or have a sponsoring donor or organization. For that reason, RGH has already given more than 600 scholarships to individuals from more than 50 countries. And we will continue to provide scholarships to those who are dedicated to improve their effectiveness and make a bigger impact.

In a short amount of time, our scholarship recipients become examples among their peer group and affect the way things are done going forward, thereby creating lasting change within their programs and within the community. This is why we feel it is important to provide scholarships to those that have dedication and commitment to making a bigger impact in global health, but may not otherwise have the opportunity to become the global health leaders we know they can be.

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