Over a Decade of Improving Aid Effectiveness and Sustainability in Global Health

through Training, Coaching, and Strategic Consulting


Country Governments









Strengthen your Health Systems and standardize the quality of care for all regions of your country.




Civil Society Organizations









Strengthen your operations, train staff, and ensure successful handover of projects.




Donors and Foundations









Get maximum return on your investment and realize lasting change that strengthens local health systems.




Healthcare Professionals









Get personalized coaching to advance your health career and make a bigger impact.



What Clients Are Saying About RGH

  • "QEC, sums it all. Learning to do the right thing for the right reason consistently changes one’s behavior, in other words it makes one a good worker in every field. I believe I now understand how to write objectives for a project so that it makes sense to a would-be-sponsor."
    Watson SankohUSA
  • “I took each and every advice given by Dr. Elvira and I have done my best to use it with the people I worked with and the result was amazing.”
    Reem ChalakLebanon
  • "The way [the program] was more practical than theoretical is what I like best about it."
    Andrews SeglahAndrews SeglahGhana
  • “[The program] was fantastic! I am more confident now interacting with public health professionals because now I know I have a valuable contribution towards improving the health of vulnerable groups.”
    Pam MutuaKenya
  • "I liked the form of its presentation: an illustrative example rather than dry instructions. I did enjoy doing my assignments because in the process I got some ideas, which I shared with my coach who was very friendly and encouraging for me."
    Eteri SuldazeGeorgia
  • "I am able to focus more on the positive and stay inspired in spite of working in a field that can cause one to be easily disillusioned and uninspired".
    Ugo EduNigeria

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